Dear Students!

General information about the course organization.

1.    Class format

Each course lasts 2 months. That's why some courses start in September, others - in November.

One course includes 15 classes, Midterm and Final.

You have two deadlines:

1) Midterm;

2) Final.

Materials and assessment activities for all topics scheduled before the Midterm are open 24/7 from the start of the course till the Midterm, access to the assessment activities will be closed before the Midterm. Materials and assessment activities for all topics scheduled after the Midterm will be open after the Midterm 24/7, access to the assessment activities will be closed before the Final.

Note! Schedules with dates are provided in the syllabus of each course.

You work on materials and all assessment activities at any suitable time for you without scheduled lectures.

After the deadlines, your assignments, homework and projects are not accepted and evaluated.

We don't limit you in access to information. So you can study at the most appropriate time for you. But don't forget about deadlines. You will have consultations every week. Consultation schedule is provided by the instructor. So do not neglect this opportunity

2.    Midterms and Finals

The timetable for Midterms and Finals is given in the syllabus of each course. Midterms and Finals will be held via Zoom in the time and day determined by the deans' office. Course is open before its start.

4. Syllabus

Don't forget that the main document at your course is a syllabus. Instructor's contact information, information about your course, assignments, projects, deadlines and list of materials you can find there.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask your instructors. They will be glad to help you!
Good luck during the Fall 2023 semester!

First semester of the 2023-2024 academic year starts on September 1, 2023.

Timetable for Fall 2023 in Distance Learning Department




Principles of Marketing

Associate Professor Olena Bielova

Principles of Accounting

Associate Professor Lesia Leshchii

Strategic Management

Associate Professor Olena Bielova

International Management

Associate Professor Liudmyla Sierova

Business Ethics

Associate Professor Halyna Bevzo

Sustainability Management

Professor Liubov Zharova

International Investments

Associate Professor Tetiana Gordiienko


English Composition I

Senior Lecturer Alina Cherepynska

Business English I

Lecturer Viacheslav Zhuravliov

Introduction to Business

Associate Professor Roksoliana Liubachivska

Principles of Management

Associate Professor Liudmyla Sierova

Computer Science

Associate Professor Ruslana Selezniova

Public Administration

Professor Serhii Panasiuk

Creative Management at ChatGPT

Associate Professor Ruslana Selezniova

Principles of Finance

Associate Professor Olena Zhytkevych

Area Studies

Associate Professor Roksoliana Liubachivska

Organizational Behavior

Professor Olha Verkhohliad

Money and Banking

Associate Professor Lesia Leshchii