Distance Learning

Dear Students!

Short message and Instructions from the Director of Distance Learning Center.

We are glad to announce that we successfully started our Spring 2021 semester.

My name is Natalia Protsun. I'm the Director of Distance Learning Center. In this message I would like to speak with you about courses, which you can see on this page. Do not mix information about them with the subjects for full-time students which will also be conducted online in connection with the pandemic time.
The main difference in such subjects this semester will be in the format of their delivery. It is very important for us that you understand what you should do and how to study.
The main differences are as follows:

1. Class format
Each subject lasts 2 months. That's why some subjects start in February, others - in April.  You have two classes per one week (more details you can find at your syllabi).
One subject includes 15 classes, midterm and final.
You have two deadlines:
1) midterm;
2) final.
After the deadlines, your assignments, homeworks and projects are not accepted and evaluated.  
We don't limit you in access to information. So you can study at the most appropriate time for you. But don't forget about deadlines. You will have one consultation before midterm and final. So use this opportunity for maximum effect during writing your midterm and final exams.

2. More deep learning
All on-line courses require from you side huge self-management skills and knowledge. But we are sure that you know how to plan you time! Some courses required more deep learning (English Composition, for example). That's why your instructor will be with you in each class at the Zoom-meeting. Pay attention to the schedule which instructor proposes to you in the syllabus.

3. Midterms and finals
The timetable for midterms and finals you also can see on this page below.
Very important for classes, especially for midterms and finals, to have two gadgets:
1) one with a video camera and microphone, which will show your face and screen of laptop:
2) your computer or laptop, which you can use for passing your exams.
Also very important to have a good internet connection.
During the exam we want to see you and speak with you. Without these gadgets you can not write exams. Take care of the availability of technology in advance.

4. Syllabus
Don't forget that the main document at your course is a syllabus. Instructor's contact information, information about your course, assignments, projects, deadlines and literature you can find there.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask your instructors. They will be glad to help you! 

Good luck during the Spring 2021 semester!


Second semester of the 2020-2021 on-line academic year starts on February 1st. Registration for courses will be open from January 18th till January 22nd 2021. Please, do not hesitate to send your 

Application (this is a link to your document).

You should save it at your computer, fill it in and send it to the dean@uacu.edu.ua.

Profiles of students who will not pay tuition fees will be locked at the beginning of the semester.

Timetable for midterms and finals:

LiubachivskaArea studiesMay 0815.20-16.50May 2915.20-16.50
ZhuravlovBusiness English 2April 2812.20-13.20May 2712.20-13.30
KinashMathApril 2815.20-16.20May 2715.20-16.50
BevzoBusiness Ukrainian Foreign LangaugeApril 2714.00-15.00May 2814.00-15.00
Business English 1April 2715.30-16.30May 2815.30-16.30
KylyvnykAdvanced finance (MD)


Timetable for Spring 2021 in Distance Learning Department /

Список предметів, що викладаються відділом дистанційного навчання в ІІ семестрі 2020-2021 н.р.






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Завідувач відділом ДН                                                                    Н.М. Процун

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